This page shows the changes we made in the website.

Alpha v0.1.3 (May 16, 2020)


  • Messages

    • Toaster notification was shown every time a new message was received. It now only shows when user is outside Messages route.

    • Multiple messages were sent when 'send' was clicked on Messages page. Now the button gets disabled until the message is sent.

    • Proposal card in Messages is now clickable and takes the user to Task page. A few styling changes are made.

  • Meta Tags

    • Users can now view Page Title of the current route on browser's tab.

  • Proposals

    • Proposals now sendable from My Tasks page.

  • Add Task

    • Special Characters now allowed in task headline.

  • Profile Name

    • Profile First name and Last name can now include 64 characters including spaces.

Alpha v0.1.2 (May 15, 2020)


  • Email Notifications

    • Users will now get email notification on new activity.

  • Loader

    • Show a loader on top of the site indicating "Site Loading"


  • Message Notification

    • Red dot shown on message icon if any one message is unseen.

    • On new messages, a toaster will be shown even when the user is on another page.

  • Add Task

    • Users can now see their added task at the end of the "Add Task" process.


  • Sharing Option

    • Share option wasn't working on Recommended Tasks.

    • Share text is now customized for the shared task.

  • Styling

    • Number of styling improvements in header, messages and notifications.

Alpha v0.1.1 (May 13, 2020)


  • Social Media Sharing

    • Users can now share the tasks.

    • Meta tags for SEO and social media handles is now added.

    • Users can share on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Whatsapp or via Email.


  • Users can no longer send more than one proposals to tasks.

  • Users will be able to view the tasks they applied to using the 'Applied' indicator.

  • Add Task is now more smooth.


  • Styling fixed on Apple Safari on Mac.

Alpha v0.1.0 (May 05, 2020)


  • Landing Page

    • New landing page design with new vectors and graphics.

    • Added Animations using JQuery Easing plugin

  • Feedback Option

    • Users can now add feedback to completed tasks. On viewing a Completed task, both the users will get a popup on which they can rate stars out of 5 and write feedback for the other user.

    • Accumulated rating stats are displayed on the workspace for each user.

  • View Task History

    • My Tasks

      • Users can view tasks they added in a table format.

      • Users can edit tasks from the task options.

      • Users can view proposals, points and headline related to their tasks.

      • Users can filter their tasks depending on their status using Tabs.

    • My Work

      • Users can view the tasks they work on or are currently working on in a table format.

      • Users can filter the tasks by status tabs.

  • Privacy Policy

  • Auth Options

    • Users can now:

      • Login/Register using Facebook

      • Login/Register using Google

  • Guided Steps

    • Users can view 3 steps on the dashboard showing what to do on the site.


  • Email Confirmation

    • Email confirmation now sent using SendGrid API.

  • Styling

    • Styling added for Dark mode on Messages, Proposals and Forms.

  • Navigation

    • Navigation is more smooth now on Mobile screens. Users can click on any part of the screen other than the menu to close the menu.

  • Infinite Scrolling on Explore Page

    • Filtering and Searching is now fixed for infinite scrolling on explore page

Alpha v0.0.3 (May 02, 2020)



    • User can toggle dark mode by going to profile card on top bar (or on hamburger menu on phones) and then Settings page.

    • The dark mode will remain consistent on the device even after page reload.

  • Explore Tasks

    • Users can search tasks by Categories or Skills.

    • Users can now remove/reset filters by clicking on 'Clear Filters'


  • Changed loader stylings on all pages.

  • Separate styling for darktheme update.


  • Explore page now has consistent UI. Equal height of footer and Points.

  • UI fix for lists such as Notifications. Now they are separated by some margin.

  • Added privacy measures in the backend. APIs now have limited objects (only relevant) in return.

Alpha v0.0.2 (May 01, 2020)


  • Task View

    • Allow users to view tasks even without authentication.

    • Display task state (Completed, Assigned, Paused etc.) on top of the task.

  • Edit Task

    • Allow task owner to edit task. Headlines and Task points cannot be changed as some people would have engaged with task already.

    • Change task visibility.

      • Pause Task: Hide it from public feed. No user can view it except the task owner.

      • Remove Task: Mark the task as Archived and refund the task owner.

      • Unpause Task: Display it on public feed and allow users to send proposals.

    • Add helper buttons on task points for mobile users.

  • User Profile

    • Users can view other profiles by visiting '/u/:id/' route.


  • Task View

    • Do not allow users to view 'Paused, Archived or Completed' tasks except the task owner.

  • Proposals

    • Do not allow users to send proposals to tasks except for 'Pending Proposals' ones. Add backend as well as frontend validation.


  • Add Task

    • Skills have new UI. Multiple skills can be selected and at max 3 are allowed to be selected. Users can also search skills in real-time.

Alpha v0.0.1 (April 27, 2020)


  • Authentication

    • Login

    • Register (with confirmation)

  • Explore Tasks

    • Search Tasks

    • View task details in popup

    • Infinite Scroll

  • Add Tasks

    • Define Points

    • Add rich text for description

    • Add a headline

    • Search Skills from list

    • Realtime Error Logging

  • Send Proposals

    • Choose task, then click on 'Send Proposal' and type in the text to send proposal.

    • Send Message with the proposal to the task poster

    • Task poster cannot send proposals to himself

  • Messages

    • Implement WebSocket to maintain live connection between the server and the client

    • Load Conversations

    • Load Messages separately and keep them in the view (Redux store).

    • Indicate 'Typing' when user is typing.

    • Proposal message has separate styling.

    • Task owner can accept, reject or negotiate with the proposal sender.

  • Notifications

    • Send live notifications to relevant user.

    • Clicking on notification must redirect to related page.

    • Refresh notifications frequently for customer engagement.

  • Work on Task

    • Allow users to send updates on task work page.

    • Allow task doer to submit work.

    • Allow task owner to respond to submitted work with either Acceptance or Rejection.

    • Send notification for every update on the work page.

    • On acceptance, both users will no longer be allowed to send updates on the work page.

  • Points System

    • On publishing task, task points from the task poster's account must be deducted.

    • On acceptance of the work, the task doer will get decided task points.

    • On task removal, the task owner must be refunded with the task points. Only unstarted tasks are allowed to be removed.

  • User Profile

    • Users can view and edit their profiles by using '/me' route.

    • Users can add Experience, Projects, Skills, Mark Availability, Social Links, Date of Birth and Location.

    • Users can update a 'Tagline' about their skills.

    • Users can update Description about who they are.

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