​‌Barter means 'exchange (goods or services) for other goods or services without using money'. Taskbarter helps you achieve flawless bartering.‌

  1. You can find any job you want that you feel you are most expert in.

  2. Once you select a task, you can send proposal to the task owner and you can start chatting with the task owner directly using our messaging service.

  3. Once you both agree on certain terms, you can start working on the task using our Work Feature.

  4. After completing the task, you will be rewarded with the decided points.

Once you've completed some tasks, you can hire people in the same way. You can add tasks using 'Add Task' button on the workspace.‌

Find Work

Browse new tasks in the Explore section and start looking for the tasks that you are most interested in. You can search by Skills, Categories and Keywords that match your needs.‌

Earn Points

Taskbarter runs on Virtual Currency called Task Points. Each task has a certain value defined by the task owner. Once you complete a task, you will get decided task points.‌

Hire People

Once you add a task using your task points, you will get work proposals and you can short list applicants depending on their skills and reviews. You can also negotiate the requirements using our messaging service.‌

Barter Tasks

Once you get used to the system, you can start doing what you love and leave the work that troubles you the most to other people. You'll definitely find someone who loves to work on the tasks you hate.‌


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